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FiberNet Residential Pricing







New Faster Speeds at Lower Prices!

50 mbps $ 35.95
100 mbps $ 45.95

All speeds are "up to." FiberNet subscribers will receive the fastest symmetrical speed available based on subscription & equipment.




Price when you take:

Monticello Basic

One Service


Two Services


Three Services


Monticello Expanded




Monticello Expanded Plus*




Enhance your television experience with any of FiberNet's optional upgrades. A gateway fee may apply to customers taking services requiring a set-top box.



Price when you take:

FNM Standard

One Service


Two Services


Three Services


Service includes: call waiting, 3-way calling, selective call rejection, and metro calling area. Please call FiberNet to have these features added.


Effective June 2, 2012 - Rates do not include tax, franchise fees or surcharges. Pricing is subject to change. Set-top boxes cannot be used outside the FNM system.

Residential Pricing Guide Residential Pricing Guide